Ferrule end sleeves

CTN type ferrule end sleeves are manufactured with a tin-plated seamless copper barrel and a funnel shaped nylon 6,6 insulation which facilitates conductor insertion. Dimensions are designed to maximize conductor flexibility in connections to terminal blocks, circuit breakers, etc.
Installation is performed by inserting the wire through the sleeve until the outer end of the ferrule, crimping the entire length of the barrel (the insulating sleeve remains untouched) using one of the following tools: LY-04WF, LY-16WF, LY-35WF, LY-150WF, ES-16WF. This ensures a safe and proper wire termination.


Material / Electrolytic copper 99.9%
Plating / Electro-tin plating
Sleeve / Nylon 6,6.

Technical details

Certified specs